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5 ways to enjoy dinner despite your hectic schedule

A busy, hectic world has transformed many of the working populace into individuals who prefer to have meals on-the-go.

In a 2017 report published by xtalks.com, Research and Markets, which counts 450 of the Fortune 500 companies as their clients, reported that the “market for ready-to-eat meals is expected to be valued at $143 billion by the year 2023.”

We have evolved into a world of instant; a world where everything from noodles down to coffee can be fixed or made in less than five minutes.

The demand seemed to increase even though studies such as the one from the Observation of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Luxembourg (ORISCAV-LUX) show that “consumption of ready-made meals is independently associated with increased abdominal obesity in adults.”

But cooking meals, let alone preparing dinner after a tiring day at work, now feels like an insurmountable task.

Is there a way to enjoy dinners despite our busy, crazy, hectic schedules?

We listed down five tips for you to consider.

1. Keep it simple.
Scour the Cambridge dictionary and it will give you a definition of dinner as the “main meal of the day.” But “main meal” does not necessarily mean a heavy meal.

To truly enjoy your dinner — without the stress brought about by overthinking your menu — develop a mindset that dinner should be the simplest meal of the day as you are moving closer to bedtime. Keep it light and simple. No need for elaborate spread or cooking up a feast. Uncomplicated recipes such as Misua with Tuna is ready in 15 minutes and yields one serving.

2. Cook in advance.
Meal preparation is the rave these days — and it has gained popularity for many reasons one of which is the convenience it brings to busy young professionals and exhausted working mothers.

How to do it?

Plan for five days worth of food.

Plan your menu like you plan your daily activities: three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks.

Cook the dishes in advance and place them in microwavable containers and place them in the fridge. Label them according to the date they were made. The rule of thumb is that food lasts for three to four days in the fridge, but this totally depends on the ingredients you used. You may also opt to freeze these meals so they will last longer.

The idea is to prepare your meals in advance so you will not have to spend time thinking about what you will eat on a Wednesday night when you are home from a long day at work.

3. Don’t eat alone.
In the UK, the Sainsbury’s Living Well Index research revealed that “eating alone is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness.” The research was developed in partnership with Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research. The survey was conducted to 8,000 adults to answer the question: “How can people live better day to day?”

So… do not eat alone.

Spare at least one night in your busy week to eat with friends or family members. You have the option to cook in your abode or share a meal outside of your home. The most important part is that you don’t eat alone. Spend time to interact with other human beings and talk about anything over dinner. Make this a mission to accomplish. One is never busy for people whom he/she finds valuable.

4. Savor your meal.
One of the best ways to enjoy your dinner is to be in the moment. Be there for dinner. Be in the present. Resist the urge of getting lost in the cacophony of noise all around you.

Take in your surroundings. If you are dining in your home, listen to your air-conditioning unit’s low hum. You have been hearing all the talks in the office. You endured the unbearable traffic situation. Be kind to yourself by eating consciously. Savor your meal without the distraction of your phone or the fanfare of television shows.

5. Stock up on canned tuna.
The saying “save up for the rainy days” exists for a reason. Canned tuna was created with those words in mind. Brands, such as Christa Tuna, are ready-to eat and comes in tasty Asian flavors using only soybean oil. Christa Tuna is made with Japanese quality and is Halal certified so you can be sure that a can of Christa Tuna is packaged in the best quality. Make sure to check out Christa Tuna for halal canned tuna.

Tuna is also a versatile fish that can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Mix it with pasta, fried rice, crepe and you will be set to enjoy a dinner that does not require hours to prepare.

Do check Christa Tuna out at https://www.christatuna.com/ today!

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