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Benefits of Online Shopping

The Internet has been a true gamechanger for humanity.

It revolutionized the way people obtain information, how people communicate with each other, and even how we make decisions.

Brands and businesses have turned to the internet to sell their products and services. No wonder there is an avalanche of e-commerce platforms which sell just about anything from cup noodles to canned goods to camping gears.

Bills are paid online, travel and tours booked on websites, and services such as home cleaning and massage can be arranged on what this generation calls “apps.”

Now more than ever, we are truly living in a global village, a single community linked by telecommunications and interconnectivity.

Statistics show that e-commerce, or online shopping, has been the center of retail trade in the last three years. Consumers are not just spending more time to browse online, they are actually spending more money to purchase both their needs and wants.

Why is online shopping taking the world by storm?

We listed the reasons below:

Great discounts, lower prices

There are always better deals and great discounts online because most of the products come directly from manufacturers and do not involve the so-called “middleman intervention.” There are discount coupons and opportunities for rebates when you shop online so the possibility of lower prices is always around the corner. The best moments in online shopping are inventory sales, close-out sales, and flash deals when there a million items up for grabs. With that many products, it is impossible to not find one thing that you need at a very reasonable price.

A wide variety of products

Online stores do not have the burden of keeping up with a warehouse and a retail store. Most of them have huge warehouses where their inventories are arranged and are pulled out when an order comes through. Having this capacity enables them to focus on offering a wide variety of products to online shoppers. One product has different brands at different price ranges so you really have the freedom to choose what product to purchase.

No crowd, no pressure

What a joy this is! You do not have to contend with a crowd of people pushing their overflowing carts behind you or wait along the long line when checking out. There is no pressure from any shopkeeper to get this product or that product because there is an existing promotion that you just have to avail. No need to feel guilty too because you do not have this when you shop online. Well, sure there are promotional banners and pop-up advertisements but you can always choose to hit the close button without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Time-saving feature

Horrible traffic situation pushes back our ability to keep up with our deliverables. While going to a physical store for grocery shopping can be fun and therapeutic, the road to get there and back is a nightmare, especially during rush hours. Many hours are wasted stuck in gridlock and a lot of times, there is nothing much we can do about it. Online shopping saves us from the stressful effects of crazy, busy, messy traffic. It saves us time. So… put your shopping carts to rest. Leave your car in the garage, stay home and let your fingers and your smartphone save you time and effort.

Convenience at home

This is the ultimate perk of online shopping. Unlike physical stores, online stores are open 24/7 so you can shop anytime, anywhere. You do not have to get dressed. Shop in your pajamas, at the comforts of your bedroom. Certain home delivery apps, for instance, is a big help for working mothers because they provide the convenience of delivering groceries right at your doorstep. No lines, no crowd, no traffic. You just scroll through the different categories and everything is laid down right there. All you need to do is tap or click the item that you want or need and choose among a variety of payment options.

Simply put, online shopping makes our lives easy and manageable. The demands of personal and professional responsibilities can be overwhelming and have the tendency to create complicated lives; a state that all well-meaning individuals do not want to be in.

Believing that an uncomplicated lifestyle is possible, Christa Tuna has created easy-to-open cans for our consumers to enjoy. Christa Tuna made sure that consumers have easy and convenient access to high-quality tuna with the tastiest Asian flavors.

As we cater to the needs of families, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and working mothers, we opened a dedicated e-shop (https://www.christatuna.com/eshop/) where you can purchase our canned tuna and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

We have also expanded the reach of your favorite Christa tuna variants to more than just our online shop. We are now available in Lazada and Shopee. Soon, we plan to integrate with Honestbee & Redmart.

On your next online shopping adventure, be sure to buy a Christa tuna variant and have it delivered to your home for an easy and delicious meal paired with rice, the quintessential Asian staple.

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