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Dinner to Remember

The busy nature of this world has rippled to our personal lifestyle and professional schedules that it is almost impossible to sit down to enjoy a decent dinner with yourself or your loved ones.

Consider this: you work at least eight hours a day, overtime hours not included. And yet, by the end of the day, you still have a long list of things to do. The tasks keep on piling up day after day. There is a growing mountain of paperwork piling up on your desk, the kind that is trying to beat Mount Everest as the highest peak in the world.

By day’s end, you either drive home or commute to your residence. You just arrived from work absolutely exhausted and totally famished after a long day of meetings and beating deadlines. How do you even begin to wind down when you are too tired to fix yourself a meal?

Why is dinner important?

We all heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day?

But what about dinner? Is this meal also important?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it is dinner that fuels your body until you can have breakfast. That is why it is called breakfast because it literally “breaks the fast” that your body underwent better dinner and your next meal.

Science told us that our body burns more calories when we sleep as it “repairs” and regenerates when we finally rest for the night. With a proper eating habit and schedule, dinner can improve digestion, help you get better sleep and promote better brain function. Just make sure that you are careful about what you eat that will not cause your digestive tract to be upset. Never overeat on dinner time as well and most especially, consume the healthy food items. That means to avoid soda and junk food. They’re not dinner material anyway.

A healthy dinner meal is said to make your body “excited” to have breakfast the following day because it balances your hormones and keeps blood sugar levels in place. Your body is made to have regular meals and skipping dinner — or sleeping with an empty stomach — does not do it any good.

The truth of the matter is, we already know these details. There is also no shortage of easy-to-make recipes that you can just pluck from the Internet and make in your own kitchen. But how can we have dinners that matter when life gets so busy?

We listed down three ways on how you can have dinners to remember so you actually thrive in this life, not just survive in it.

1. Sit down and eat.

Make the decision to sit down and eat. No excuses. If you do not enjoy life with a simple dinner, then why is it that you still continue to work? Do you just work to punish yourself or to get sick? End your long and hectic day with a decent meal. There is nothing like stopping and pausing to smell the flowers rather than passing by them without even looking. Your body needs it. You need to slow down to make up for those hours where you just sped along your day. Again: make the decision to sit down and eat. Dinner wraps up your day nicely and sitting down to enjoy a meal is one of the best ways to wrap up your day.

2. Prepare your meals in advance.

This applies to everyone and anyone of any age in any marital status or stages in family life. Preparing your meals in advance is a lifesaver when you are out of time or when you came from work and you have no time to cook. The main point in “meal prep” is to determine your menu for the next three to five days, prepare the ingredients, cook them in advance, and store them in resealable containers either in your fridge or the freezer. Do this so that when you come home exhausted, you can just take a container out of the refrigerator, reheat, and you’re all set for a good dinner.

3. Open a can of Christa Tuna

On nights when “meals in containers” won’t just cut out the deal, considering opening a can of Christa Tuna to transform your regular mealtime to a dinner to remember.

It is so easy and convenient to prepare — and a meal you will always remember because of its unique Asian flavors.

We suggest warm rice topped with Christa Tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice Sauce for an easy fix or opt for a spicy option with Christa Tuna Spicy Bali Sauce to make a delicious tuna fried rice.  Easy-to-eat Christa Tuna products give you the convenience to enjoy a great meal without having to spend an hour slaving over a hot stove.

Christa Tuna is available in several variants so there is a lot of ways you can cook this Halal-certified product that absolutely has no preservatives added in the mix and you can buy our canned tuna through Lazada & shopchristatuna.com.

So go ahead… have that dinner and remember to enjoy it!

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