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Experience Asia with Christa Tuna

The flavors of Asia can be described as diverse and varied being the largest continent inhabited by more than four billion people. Each country has a unique culinary heritage rich with its own customs and traditions which logically influenced the way food is prepared and the types of ingredients used.

It is often a challenge to capture Asian cuisine under one category. In the Southeast Asian region, the kind of food produced by each country is overwhelming.

Thai cuisine is taking the world by storm with dishes such as pad thai. Nasi Lemak is Malaysia’s national dish while the Philippine adobo is considered as the country’s unofficial national dish. A trip to Singapore will never be complete without a taste of Hainanese Chicken Rice. Indonesian food, on the other hand, is made up of cuisines from various regions. Food from Indonesia is vibrant and full of intense flavor.

Christa Tuna celebrates these unique tastes by capturing the flavors of Asia in a can — and give you the comfort food that you need no matter where you are in the world.

We meant it when we say that we capture the flavors of Asia in a can. Our variants include Tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice perfect in making fried rice; and Tuna in Padang Sauce Green Chili and Tuna in Spicy Bali Sauce is the perfect companion for rice and bread and can be made into other dishes.

The secret to our high-quality products is in our production cycle.

Our raw material, tuna, is harvested fresh from Indonesian water. After harvest, we keep the fish frozen in cold storage inside the fishing boat to preserve its freshness.

From the boat’s cold storage, our fish is transported to the factory’s cold storage where we test the levels of histamine, a chemical that causes allergy reactions. Because we committed to providing fresh and healthy food, we reject fish with high histamine level.

In our factories, tuna is defrosted and cooked. They are manually cleaned removing the skins, bones and other parts. Tuna meat is then packaged into cans.

Each can is hermetically sealed, providing an airtight seal of the cans to ensure that no microorganism, such as bacteria, enter the cans. This process, together with more than 100°C sterilization of each canned tuna, enables long expiry date without adding any preservatives in our products.

The products that you see in your supermarket shelves is our commitment to excellence and of providing our customers with nothing but the best products which they deserve.

Make sure to store unopened cans at room temperature and check the expiry dates printed at the bottom of each can. If you happen to have leftover tuna, do not store it in the can itself. Transfer the remaining tuna in a food-safe container & store in the fridge. It is best to consume the leftover tuna within 24 hours.

Under the Christa Tuna brand, we have the Tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice, which is specially made for tuna fried rice, Tuna in Padang Sauce Green Chili, Tuna in Spicy Bali Sauce, Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil, and Tongol Chunk in Vegetable Oil.

These are all guaranteed to be cooked and canned without preservatives.

Our Tongol Tuna variant is a special offering with finer texture and less fishy taste. This type of tuna is only harvested twice a year with negligible levels of mercury, making it a healthier choice than its other tuna “cousins.”

Our Tongol Tuna variant is best with salad, toast, and any dish that requires less or no dressings. It is also great as dip for crackers and other party favorites.

We remain true to our promise that our tuna does not contain preservatives simply because… we do not need to! We make sure that our products last longer through our hermetic seal & sterilization process. No need for preservatives!

Our products are Halal certified and use only soybean oil. Our products are cooked in our factory and ready to be consumed straight from the can or made into dishes. Check out our website for a variety of dishes you can try out using our Christa Tuna products!

Produced by a Japanese manufacturer with the local flavors of Indonesia, Christa Tuna aims to represent the distinct characteristics of the Asian palate which is known for its tasty dishes.

We made Christa Tuna with the thought of home-cooked meals prepared by our mothers at home — and how these meals made us feel secure and special. We are conscious about providing our customers convenient, tasty and healthy access to food products that they will enjoy eating.

With top-notch Japanese quality and the flavors of Asia in our cans, we give you the brand promise that Christa Tuna is committed to serving you with the best quality products in the market. Thus, if you are looking for tuna brands to prepare your next meal, do check out Christa Tuna at https://www.christatuna.com/.

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