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Lunch in A Rush

Skipping meals is never healthy, especially when you are in the middle of a nerve-wracking, energy-draining work deadline that demands so much of your time and effort. Some people skip meals because they are on a diet or want to lose weight.

However, researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland revealed last year that skipping meals and going on a diet can actually lead to weight gain. The study led by Ulla Kärkkäinen gathered data from more than 4,900 young men and women, who answered questionnaires which mapped out the factors that impact weight change when they were 24 years old. Ten years later, the researchers went back to the respondents to check on these factors and how the respondents are doing, weight wise.

The 10-year study found out that most of the study’s participants gained weight even when they skipped meals as part of their diet or weight loss plan; only a small percentage — 7.5% for women and 3.8% of men — lost weight.

The researchers found out that those who succeeded in keeping their weight in check were those who established regular and healthy dining habit.

Other studies also found out the correlation between hunger (due to poor food intake) and the inability to focus, lower grades, and absenteeism among school children. An empty stomach just won’t do any good to children and the absence of food will largely affect a student’s school performance.


The situation

Now take this situation in the workplace.

You’re a busy bee with little to no time to even think of what you ate for breakfast, let alone plan what you want to munch for lunch.

You always seem to be in a rush because that is just how your life is — always on the go! The busy nature of your life may be attributed to the following situations:

  • Meetings happening left and right, leaving you with very little in-between time to grab lunch;
  • A looming paper deadline, one on top of the other, that is due for review in the next hour;
  • A financial report that needs to be submitted as soon as possible because your boss’ business partner has been demanding for it since Monday;
  • Scripts to be finalized for a play that your school club is organizing next month;
  • Errands to be accomplished that you can no longer wait for the next day.

All these chores leave you with little to no time to pause and enjoy your lunch.


The solution

How do you solve an issue like skipping meals, especially your mid-day meal, that is supposed to power you up and get you through the rest of the day?

First, it has to be a decision from your end to stop this unhealthy habit and embrace a new routine. Tell yourself that you will not be able to do your job and your obligations if you are left sick on a hospital bed.

Second, take momentary pauses in the middle of your busy work schedule to breathe and relax. Having lunch can be that pause that you need to reinvigorate your tired mind and body. It does not take more than 15 minutes to make this happen. Do it and you will see and feel the difference.

Third, choose food items that are easy to eat or easy to prepare; the kind that you can easily whip up in your office pantry, but is still tasty and healthy.

To make this possible, you need not order food from specialized diet boxes. Your solution can be found on Lazada &

Easy-to-open cans of Christa Tuna gives you the convenient, tasty, and healthy treat that you need to push along with your day filled with energy and enthusiasm.

We had busy people in mind when we created Christa Tuna. Our products are Halal-certified. No preservatives have been added in every canned tuna. For individuals who eat their lunch in a rush, our tuna variants are ready-to-eat, which means that they were already cooked and thus, ready to be consumed straight from the can.

Christa Tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice Sauce is the best pair for warm/hot rice when you want a straightforward, no fuss meal. You can enjoy this too with our other variants: Tuna in Padang Sauce Green Chill, Tuna in Spicy Bali Sauce, Tuna chunk in Vegetable Oil, and Tuna Tongol Chunk in Vegetable Oil. Open a can of Christa Tuna, pour it on top of the rice, and dig in. You won’t be disappointed!

Always remember: it is never healthy to skip a meal.

So in the middle of the day, leave your desk and fill your stomach with what is good for your taste buds and your body.

Enjoy your lunch even when you’re in a rush with our easy-to-eat products. Our easy-to-open cans of Christa Tuna can be eaten as it is or make it as a rice topping and you’re set for a hearty lunch meal!

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