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The Joy of Grocery Shopping

Sure there is a variety of online shopping options these days that gives you the convenience and time-saving feature that you cannot have when you physically need to be in a store to pick items from the shelves.

But admit it, there is nothing like pushing a cart from one aisle after another and viewing and touching the items you would have just otherwise tapped or scrolled on your phone or tablet’s screens.

There is a certain kind of joy that physical grocery shopping brings.

Here are five reasons why we think you should go out — at least once a month — to carry out your grocery shopping in the flesher, the physical store.

1. Grocery shopping gets you out of the house and office.

We get it. You love your home-based job. But you also know that this type of job has the tendency to leave you isolated from a lot of things, including people. Similarly, those with office jobs can be stuck to their desks all day long, five days (even six or seven days!) a week, leaving them with nothing but a routine that says “Home, office, home, office.”

Do not fall for this lifestyle!

Give yourself a break! Get out of the house or the office and do your grocery shopping in a physical store. Detox from the online world. Push a cart once again and enjoy the experience of walking from aisle to aisle, marveling at how neatly the items are arranged for your convenience.

2. It allows you to focus on certain tasks.

You have a simple task when going to a grocery store: buy what you need. Well, maybe occasionally, you can get what you what.

The organized ones would go with a checklist on hand. It may be written or type in an app, but the checklist represents something: tasks which need to be accomplished. Your grocery shopping has one mission: tick off all the items in your list. If there is one thing that you need to focus on in this busy world, it is grocery shopping. It is a serious task but a happy one. How satisfying is that to check off item after item on your list? Insert your happy dance here.

3. It is a form of exercise.

There is no time for your lazy bones. Grocery shopping is definitely the easiest form of exercise. It is a physical activity that does not feel like exercise at all because you are checking out and comparing prices. All that walking is bound to burn some calories. Come to think of it, even deciding which laundry detergent is a form of exercise because your brain needs to make a decision which brand gives your dirty clothes the tender loving care and which ones are overpriced.

4. It is the best kind of retail therapy.

Grocery shopping is food shopping — and food is a need. Alright, maybe not every single type of food item that you see in the supermarket. But we all agree that when you go grocery shopping, you buy the things you need: milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, tuna fish, cooking oil… the list goes on. Unlike shopping for new clothes and that stylish shoes, shopping for food will not leave a guilt feeling in your heart and gut because you know that the items you purchased are needed in the house, and not just some extra items that you bought out of whim.

5. Offline shopping allows you to interact with people.

Okay, okay, online shopping does allow you to interact with people but you only chat with them or talk to them over the phone. Offline grocery shopping gives you the experience of engaging in a conversation with the cashier or sharing a tip or two with a fellow mother, whom you meet on Aisle 26, as you were looking for the best-canned tuna brand to buy for your children’s sandwich snacks for the week. It is a different experience to hear people talk, see them gesture and watch them react to what you say.

When we started Christa Tuna, we thought of making a product that will celebrate a person’s zest for life. What better way to do that but to share a meal which reminds you of your blessings despite the challenges you encounter on a daily basis.

Our canned tuna variants were created with a conscious decision that every person deserves a tasty meal that brings back memories of home and family. Every time you open our canned tuna, you also open a happy memory, a memorable journey, a moment with a special person.

Unsure where to buy Christa Tuna in Singapore? Head on to www.shopchristatuna.com, Lazada and Shopee Singapore.

In Indonesia, Christa Tuna is available in major supermarkets particularly in Transmart and Ranch Market stores in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali, and Malang. If you are really pressed with time and it is more convenient for you to buy them online, check out www.blibli.com for nationwide delivery.

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