About Us

Indonesia – a country rich in culture & flavours. Indonesian flavour for us is a nostalgic taste of home cooking which gather every family member on the dining table. Behind these flavourful meals is a mother, whose talent of mixing complex spices & intricate ingredients inspires everyone to create a similar memories for the next generations.For someone who used to see my mother spent long hours preparing meals in the kitchen, I wished to present Indonesia home-cooked meals in a more practical way. Today hectic lifestyle is the main challenge for those who want to cook for their friends and families. Christa Tuna is one compact meal which can be processed further or consumed as it is. The carefully selected spices are made ready so you don’t have to worry about preparing your own ingredients and whether it will turns out wrong.We chose to combine it with

tuna because it is well-known as an affordable source of protein & omega 3 for kids and adults alike.Christa Tuna can also be an alternative for those longing for Indonesian food while they’re studying /working abroad, as well as those having difficulties finding halal food when they are travelling. Christa Tuna can also be brought back as presents to friends in different parts of the world as an introduction of Indonesian flavours.Through this product, we hope to deliver the tasty Indonesian flavor to the world, while at the same time the Indonesian home-cooked meals without spending too much time preparing & cooking theme.Please enjoy our products.

From our team to your home, with love, C


Production Cycle

Raw Materials: Fresh From The Ocean


Indonesian Water – tuna caught are kept frozen in cold storage inside the fishing boat to preserve its freshness

Factory’s Cold Storage


Transported to factory’s cold storage, where Histamine (causing alergy reaction) levels are tested. Fish with high Histame are rejected

Production Starts


Manual Cleaning: tuna are defrosted, cooked and cleaned manually (removing the skins, bones, and other parts)



After cleaning, Tuna meat is then packed into cans.

Hermeticaly Sealed


Provides airtight seal of the cans, ensuring that no microorganism, such as bacteria, are able to enter the cans



Enable Long Expiry Date Without Preservatives – each canned tuna are then sterilized at more than 100°C

Finish Products


The products that you see in supermarkets. It really does take a village to produce these goodies. Plus a handful of spices and a hell of a lot of love!
We don’t add any preservatives into any of our canned tuna because we don’t need to. During production process, due to the hermetic seal & sterilization process, the products can last a few years without any preservatives (provided that the cans are not yet opened)


Unopened cans last as long as the stated expiry dates, printed at the bottom of each can. Store at room temperature

If you have leftover, move the remaining tuna into a food-safe container & store in the fridge. Best to be consumed within 24hrs.