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The Flavors of Asia in a Can

The mission is simple: package high-quality tuna, that is even made tastier with Asian flavors, in a can that can be leisurely opened anytime, anywhere.

The inspiration behind this is the comfort food made by mothers that brings feelings of warmth and home.

American author Mitch Albom puts this in a statement that goes: “I don’t know what it is about food your mother makes for you, especially when it’s something that anyone can make – pancakes, meat loaf, tuna salad – but it carries a certain taste of memory.”

It is that certain taste of memory that sparks moments of joy and comfort even when you live far away from home.

With this in mind, Christa Tuna chartered a milestone in the food business by elevating a common product like tuna to several dishes that aptly celebrated the unique and distinct taste of Asian flavors.

‘Nasi Goreng’ goodness
An Indonesian staple, nasi goreng (fried rice) was voted #2 at the 2017 CNN Reader’s Choice: World’s Best Food. With our Tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice Sauce, there is no need to figure out the spices and ingredients needed for a tasty nasi goreng meal. Just open a can of our tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice Sauce, mix and stir well with steamed rice and serve warm for a delectable culinary journey to the world of Asian palates.

Tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice Sauce is always great with rice, porridge, and bread; and a must try as dumpling fillings.

Padang cuisine in a can
Popular in Indonesian cities and the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Singapore, Masakan Padang or Padang cuisine is known for the combination of two ingredients: spicy chili and coconut milk. Our Tuna in Padang Sauce Green Chili took inspiration from Padang, in the Western region of Sumatra, where many Indonesian famous dishes such as chicken/beef rendang are from. This flavor is a popular choice of many. We intentionally made this variant not-too spicy so no worries on burning your tongue or sweating too much.

Tuna in Padang Sauce Green Chili is always great with rice, porridge, and bread; and nice as toppings for noodles and as filling for Bak Chang.

Bali wow!
We are giving you a taste of Balinese food in our Tuna in Spicy Bali Sauce. Think spices and sambal in one can so expect this variant to be especially HOT! You won’t help but consume it though despite the sweat and the heat. Because this is spicy and hot, we recommend pairing this tuna variant with warm rice — and have a bottle of sweet drinks beside you just in case.

Tuna in Spicy Bali Sauce is always great with bread and steamed rice; and is a must-try as glutinous rice side dish, and cheese omelet’s topping.

Great with everything
Christa Tuna knows that a great dish starts with a great base. It is for this reason that we have the Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil variant. It’s your regular tuna in oil that can be enjoyed on its own or cooked into dishes.

Tuna as a low-calorie, high-protein food can be used in many Asian dishes. Your kitchen is your playground in trying out this variant with just about any recipe.

Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil is always great with sandwich, pizza, pasta, sushi, and pies. It is a must-try ingredient for omelet and party snacks such as spring rolls. Just add chopped onions and you will be set. No seasonings needed.

Tongol special option
Because we want to offer a special option to our consumers, we have this variant available for you to enjoy: the Tuna Tongol Chunk in Vegetable Oil. Tongol tuna is different from the regular Skipjack Tuna because its meat is whiter and less fishy. The texture is also smoother compared to the regular kind.

And we did call this a special option for a specific reason: Tongol tuna can only be caught twice a year making it truly a superior treat for you and your loved ones.

Tuna Tongol Chunk in Vegetable Oil is always great with salad, toast, and any dish that requires less or no dressings. It is nice as dips for crackers.

Freshness guaranteed
It is our commitment to give our consumers fresh and tasty products.

Harvested from Indonesian water, our tuna are kept frozen in cold storage inside the fishing boat in order to preserve its freshness.

From the boat, tuna is transported to the factory’s cold storage to test for Histamine levels. Histamine causes allergy reactions. We reject tuna with high Histamine levels.

Tuna are defrosted, cooked and manually cleaned in our factory before we proceed to pack them into cans. Each can is hermetically sealed or airtight-sealed, which ensures that microorganisms such as bacteria cannot enter the can. We then sterilized the canned tuna at more than 100°C to enable long expiry date because we do not add preservatives in our product.

You can be sure that utmost care was taken from the ocean to the cans that you see in the supermarkets as it is our commitment to give you the best flavors of Asia.

Thus, if you would like to buy tuna, make sure that you check out Christa Tuna at

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