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Simple celebrations with Christa Tuna

Important events and occasions can be overwhelming moments as you are expected to prepare a grand feast that the entire family will share. There is pressure to cook up a storm which is often a showcase of abundance and wealth.

But what if your family is undergoing financial challenges and you cannot afford to prepare for a lavish spread. Does this mean you cannot celebrate birthdays, graduation days or wedding anniversaries anymore?

Of course not!

There is a way to celebrate these occasions without breaking the bank. This can be made possible with the different tasty variants of Christa Tuna, which you can easily buy in the supermarkets or order online.

Here are some recipes that you may want to try out for each specific event in your family’s life.

For his birthday

Tradition calls for preparing a noodle dish on a person’s birthday because it is a symbol of long life. Long life does not only mean the length of years that a person lives, but also the quality of life that he or she lives. For a simple birthday celebration, we recommend making this simple, no-frills dish of misua with tuna and vegetables. Check out the recipe here:

For your wedding anniversary

Weddings are often celebrated with so much pomp and pageantry these days. From well-curated pre-nuptial shots to lavish weddings, couples go all out in celebrating the “first day of their lives together.” But what many do not realize is that the wedding is only the beginning. Marriage is a lot of work and the challenges and issues can pile up when two people live under one roof.  They say it takes two to tango; it also takes two persons to work out a marriage. Every year that you celebrate a wedding anniversary is a year of thanksgiving and joy because you managed to overcome problems and situations with much love and understanding.

This occasion is often celebrated with dinner dates. For a different twist, why not try a breakfast encounter in the comforts of your home instead? This tuna crepes with bechamel sauce recipe are bound to give your anniversary day the boost that it needs. Get your dose of breakfast happiness here:

For her graduation

Graduation days or moving up ceremonies are milestone years for every individual. But when times are hard, with your funds almost depleted as most of them were used to pay for college and other essential bills, you might think it is best not to celebrate. Don’t do that. A simple celebration can still happen with these dishes that will surely fill not just your stomachs, but also your hearts. Here is a recipe of Takikomi Gohan that you can share with everyone  ( For tried and tested comfort food, make this Tuna in Kampoeng fried rice sauce (

Celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and graduation days are moments to also be grateful. Why should you still be thankful despite the hard times?

1. Because you have food to eat

It may not be grand or lavish but you have food to fill your stomachs. There are many people around the world, who are dying to be in your shoes. Stop whining about what you do not have and start counting your blessings instead.

2. Because you have a roof above your head

It is a basic life essential and you have it. Having a house to live in shelters you from the heat and rain. It gives you a place to sleep and retire for the night. Around your community and the world, there are people who still sleep on the streets. Be thankful for the bed that you sleep on.

3. Because you have another year to celebrate life

Sick people or those with medical conditions will tell you how wonderful you are that you are healthy to celebrate another year in your life. They would love to buy time to make moments last but even if they have the billions of dollars to do so, time, unfortunately, is something that cannot be purchased. Consider yourself lucky for being given the privilege to live another year to enjoy and cherish life.

4. Because you have a family

Family need not be your blood relatives, they can be your friends or co-workers, who have grown closer to your heart. They are with you through all the trials and triumphs of life so it is only but appropriates that you thank them for their love and support.

Christa Tuna joins you and your family at every moment that you celebrate at home or in your office. Remember that it is not about the amount of food that you prepare that measures your worth; it is by the love that you share and the friends and family members that you keep. Happiness is not measured in the amount of money you have. It is best lived with the people in your life that you create wonderful memories with.

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